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This Burrito is better!

Happy Sunday!

Fall is upon us and here in Texas, the weather is feeling so good and I am enjoying it, It such a relief from all those hot days. So this week I whipped up some recipe making this delicious chicken burritos and quinoa. Yea I thought to ditch the rice and tried quinoa instead and It came out pretty good and for sure my family devoured it so fast. Quinoa is a much healthier option as it is not actually a grain but can serve as a grain alternative. In addition it contains some good amount of protein when compared to plain "boring" rice that has only carbs.

Click here to watch the video making this delicious chicken burrito.

I instead used the Siete brand which is grain free, dairy free and gluten free of course! I think you should try it as you can not even tell the difference with the floured type which has more calories and might not be too healthy for your gut. I was able to partner with Siete family as a health care provider so you can get 10% off if you use my discount code gabyu10 on their website

They have really great products and had used them a lot even before I thought of partnering with them. Well that is it! I hope you have fun making it. Let me know in the comments of your outcome.

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