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The art of being patient with weight loss

Weight loss issues is one of those things that affect a lot of us. In women, we might have it more challenging as compared to men as we deal with lot of things like hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, etc. So learning to be patient with the weight loss journey is very important for a sustainable weight loss as weight loss is a series of small changes made daily.

I do not believe in all these fad diets out there because you may lose the weight and then you end up gaining it back and even more! This is why in my practice I am focusing on all aspects of someone's life when it comes to weight loss, the physical health, mental health, emotional health and so much more. There is no one size that fits all, everyone is different . For example while a keto diet might work for your friend, it might be detrimental to you based upon what is going on with your in your body system. Well check out this my video below here where I thoroughly discussed this art of being patient with weight loss.

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