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Skin deep?

Whew! I had to take a week of social media break to clear my head. It was so needed. Well as you all know our Nation is going through some hard times from the pandemic to the protests after the world got to watch painfully the death of George Floyd. While some of the protests have been disruptive, one need not to forget the root cause of all these. People are in pain, this social injustice has to stop! For goodness sake this has gotten out of hand!

I am not the one who is into much "political stuff" but in this instance, this issue is more than that, this is touching me to the core, I am tired and so are many of us! I am black and I have a black son. While he is still little and all cute, It will not be long when he becomes a teenager and a man and will not be considered that "cute little boy" anymore and so he will have to get to understand more about this world on living as a black guy in America! What about my black daughters? Well they are not excluded, they know too, they see the difference!

I know at this time a lot of hard conversations on racism in the country are going on with parents and their children of all races. Yes it is hard but this has to happen. We cannot keep sweeping these things under the carpet! As an Immigrant from Nigeria, racism was not something I would say I really understood till I came to America and got a first hand experience. At first, I overlooked it and thought people were just plain mean and as years went by it finally hit me like a pile of blocks to really get to understand that some situations I had experienced was racism.

While in Nigeria, the most I knew about racism was from the news and movies but now in America I am experiencing it in real life. I have experienced it at work, school, stores etc, I tell you this racial inequality problem is everywhere, it could be worse than the virus if not contained. It needs to stop!

I know there is still a lot of work needed in this area but I have hope and continue to pray it gets better. Let love abide! Let peace reign!

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