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Calorie dense food vs Nutrient dense foods

The nutritional quality of the calories that we eat each day can have a significant impact on our efforts towards healthier living, disease prevention, and weight loss. While I don’t do or advise much on calories counting anymore, I thought to show on this picture the differences when we choose to eat more nutrient dense foods and foods as natural to its state as much as possible.

I know I get lot of this questions on what should I be eating, what are best breakfast foods and so much more. Here are some tips on choosing the ideal breakfast that can help with your weight loss.

1. Eat your foods as close as possible in its natural state e.g instead of drinking an orange juice, eat the orange instead.

2. Make sure your food is not only carbs even though its healthy carbs, but you also need to have some healthy fats and protein too, this will help you not to get hangry and prevent that blood sugar dips faster.

3. Take your time to eat your food, at least 15-20mins. If in a hurry in the morning and not able to have that time, then you can opt for good healthy protein shake with a nondairy milk or a boiled egg and fruit might work too.

The possibilities are endless and so try this today if you are not doing it already!

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