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Starts -January 18th 

Ends -January 24th


Meet my program: [Gaby U 7- day sugar detox]


Are you struggling with making the right decision for your body?


We know that sugar is bad – but did you know that it can affect your mood, your self-esteem, your skin and so much more?


Yes, you probably already knew this. So why is it so hard to let go of our sugar cravings?


What you need is a powerful solution that will help you cut your sugar cravings loose and say good-bye to debilitating decisions.


Time to get more energy and lose the pounds that have been haunting you for so long!  



Through my program I will teach you the natural ways to get energy and have enough of it throughout the day to do the things you love without feeling burnt out.


It’s time to believe in yourself. You NOW have the tools that will give you the power to make amazing decisions for your body and your soul. I created a program that addressed all the possible obstacles you may have: From amazing support to delicious recipes that you can cook with ease – finally, a program that is not heavy on fluff and gives you ALL of the tools you need.




Are you ready to get control back in your life?!  




My Gaby U 7-day Sugar detox will help you lose those clingy pounds, have less mood swings, get that glowing skin – skip the blemishes and the lackluster skin!  


If you want to:


  1. Look & Feel Amazing

  2. Have Sufficient Energy to be able to do the things you love.

  3. Lose weight

  4. Have glowing skin

  5. Fit your favorite clothes

  6. And find confidence and empowerment when you make the right decisions that improve your health and also your self-esteem.



My Gaby U 7-day Sugar detox is what you need to grab TODAY!



  • No more feelings of deprivation

  • No more tired afternoons

  • No more fogginess

  • No more diets that give you no results

  • No more stubborn pounds.


JOIN MY Gaby U 7-day Sugar Detox

Let’s Get Started!  













Here’s what this program offers:


  •  A fantastic Guide Loaded with all the info you need to begin your sugar detox safely and effectively. Including “Foods to Eat and Enjoy” and the “Foods to Avoid” lists


  • Recipe Guide: 7-10 Day suggested meals, so you will not get bored with repetition recipes included and grocery list. Get a taste of healthy living, one delicious bite at a time. No need to get scared of groceries, everything is laid out.


  • 7-10 Days of Shopping Lists. We all know how hard it is to buy the right foods - temptation in the store is HIGH. Well, no need to worry about that, I got your back with this impressive shopping list! Just PRINT AND GO


  • A Food Diary to hold you accountable throughout the program so you can see the results of your efforts.


  • 2 live group session to my exclusive MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group where you will be able to connect with me and other women.


  • Access to me via email for any questions


PLUS, you get a BONUS 30-Minute Post 1-1 Session with me when you sign up now till January 9th Midnight central time.


Your investment in yourself is only $97




I am Gaby Udabor, NP, Functional Medicine Health Consultant and a Women Wellness Strategist.

I help women overcome fatigue by addressing hormones imbalances, mineral imbalances and gut health issues to achieve a better quality of life.


After years of suffering with gastrointestinal (GI) problems, I finally started having healing within 4 months of working with a functional medicine provider, I could feel the difference in my health. It’s amazing that with all the medical providers I was working with at those times, the digging deep into my lifestyle, stress level or dietary needs, etc. was so minimally addressed which of course was a big deal to my healing among other things. I now have few GI issues now and a bonus to all this is that I have a stable weight and no more fluctuating weight.

Say Hello! A Brand New You is right around the corner!

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